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With picture-perfect sands, azure waters and a refreshingly laid back vibe, Tulum is a town like no other. Tulum is one of the fastest eco-oriented growing towns in the region, attracting more tourists every year due to its peaceful natural lifestyle. Internationally renowned for its stunning beaches along the Caribbean sea and fascinating archeological sites, Tulum is one of the nine municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located in the tourism district of the Mayan Riviera. Tulum, which is the epicenter of the Mayan Riviera, is located two hours south of Cancun and an hour south of Playa del Carmen.

An array of activities and attractions entice pleasure seekers from all over the world, such as kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, as well as land and water excursions. Nearby caves and cenotes (freshwater sinkholes) nestled in the jungle offer a refreshing alternative to those looking to wander away from the lazy beaches and their cabañas; yoga centers and alternative therapeutic treatments such as Temazcal are also commonplace in Tulum.
Tulum was part of a series of a series of Maya forts and trading outposts established along the Caribbean coast, from the gulf of Mexico as far south as what is now known as Honduras.

Being one of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites, Tulum is today a popular site for tourists. It is the only Mayan city built on a coast and holds the honor of being the most picturesque archaeological site in the Riviera Maya and the only one to have been built overlooking the ocean. A visit here offers spectacular views of the Riviera Maya beaches, Caribbean Sea and surrounding coastal region.

The region has an excellent climate, with an average annual temperature of 25.5 degrees C (78 F.) Offshore water temperature is about 80 F(27 c) and cenote water temperature for snorkeling or diving is 24 °C (76 ° F).

Local and international cuisine are available in a variety of unique eateries, as well as an eclectic mix of stores and boutiques offering mementos that embody the heart of Mexico.

Tulum ruins, Located just 5.2 km (3.2 Miles) from Casa Yaxiik, are the third most visited archaeological site in Mexico after Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza.

The city of Tulum was previously known as Zama, meaning City of Dawn. Its current name means fence or trench in Mayan. Being both on a sea and land route, it had major historical importance as a center of trading. The city flourished between the 13th and the 15th centuries, fading only 70 years after the Spanish army started conquering today’s Mexico. Although there is no specific data about its population at its height, estimates put it between 1,000 and 1,600. Tulum ruins are perched on 12 meter high cliffs facing the Caribbean Sea. It is the 3rd most visited site in Mexico and the most visited spot in the state of Quintana Roo.


Aldea Zama the residential area closest to the world ranked beaches in Tulum. Not many places in Tulum can you live in a modern, luxury home and at the same live only a short bicycle ride from the beach and the city. Aldea Zama is an open community, inviting both permanent residents and visitors to enjoy superior services & exceptional living standards within a protected and respected natural environment. Couples and families leisurely walk or ride their bikes through the safe cycling paths for shopping, dining, or to the beach.

Aldea zama is close to everything Tulum has to offer and  both Tulum center and the world class beach is just a few minutes away. Chedraui, Tulums biggest supermarket, is located right at the entrance of Aldea Zama.

Protected green areas maintain the natural appeal of the region, and aesthetic and construction guidelines have been established to promote a polished yet tasteful ambiance throughout the community


Tulum has an excellent climate, with an average annual temperature of 25.5 degrees C (78 F.) Offshore water temperature is about 80 F(27 c) and cenote water temperature for snorkeling or diving is 24 °C (76 ° F).
Check out the weather forecast for your stay here:


​​​​​Many people ask us for recommendations for restaurants, places to visit and cenotes. There are so many things to see and so much to do, making it difficult to just mention a few.
We have partnered with a local agency and put together a good variety of tours and excursions for you under "additional services"
In Tulum and its surrounding areas you can find almost all attractions and amenities you can think of including sports, archaeology, leisure, history, culture and others. Here are a few relevant links:

Coba is one of our favorite ruin sites because you can still climb the pyramid and bike around the area instead of walking. It is about 40 minutes’ drive from the property.
Here are a few names of other Mayan ruins sites that you might want to check out during your trip.
  • Tulum Archaeological zone
  • Muyil south of Tulum
  • Chichenitza
  • Uxmal
When you're not exploring the ruins you should also visit Tulum's world-famous cenotes: a series of crystalline freshwater pools connected by a maze of underground rivers. This astonishing natural phenomenon is unique to the Yucatan Peninsula and there is no place on earth comprising such an extensive system of underground rivers as we find here in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Some of our favorites are:
  • Gran Cenote
  • Sac Actun
  • Dos Ojos
  • Multun-Ha
  • LabnaHa
  • Kantun-Chi
Recommended Theme Parks
-Xcaret (specially for the night show) 35 minutes North of Tulum
-Xelha (perfect for a relaxing day in the water) 15 minutes North of Tulum all food and drinks are included and is a fun place for all ages.
-Xplor is a fun park with long zippiness that go above the jungle and land into the water. 
-Rio Secreto
-Selva Maya
Some other personal favourites are:
  • Pamuul
  • Akumal you can snorkel in Yal Ku Lagoon is very calm 
  • Playa del Carmen North of Tulum great for restaurants, shopping and fun activities.
  • Cozumel island fantastic for scuba diving about 40 minutes freely ride from Playa del Carmen
  • Holbox Island
  • Isla Mujeres
  • Bacalar
A few things to keep in mind:
  • Most places only allow Biodegradable sunscreen (you can buy it here at the local Supermarket)
  • Always keep mosquito repellent spray with you
  • Bring your own snorkel gear if you have 
  • Always have bottle water with you and remember don't drink from the tap
  • Some places do not accept credit card because their terminal is connected to internet and sometimes signal is poor on the beach so it's better to bring cash with you either pesos or USD 
  • Check the bill before you pay to see if tip is included or not (10% is normal 15% is good service and 20% excellent)
  • Call your Bank to let them know you are away on a trip to withdraw money from ATM 
  • Most places have free wifi just ask for the user name and password so you can use their internet
  • Most people get around the town via bicycle as there is a bike path that runs along the road to the beach but be careful at night as it can be dark and hard to see. 
  • Gas stations have personal to help you fill your tank just make sure machine shows zeros and paying cash is better but they also accept credit card, they can check pressure on your tires and clean your windshield.  Tips are welcome – usually about 15 pesos.
There are many bike rentals places in Tulum where you can rent for the day or for the whole stay.  To name a few: IBike, Iguana Bike, Kelly Bike (usually they ask for a driver’s license or $100 USD as deposit). Rent is about 5 USD/day
Favorite Restaurants in the Tulum´s Hotel Zone
  • Mezzanine
  • La Zebra
  • Posada Margarita 
  • Mateos
  • Puro Corazon
  • El Tabano
  • Ahau
  • Zyggy's
  • Casa Banana
  • El Paraiso
  • Playa Esperanza
  • Papaya Playa
  • Ana and Jose beach club
  • Zamas
Good restaurants in Tulum downtown
  • La Coqueta Mexican 
  • Aguachilles seafood
  • El Camello sea food
  • Don Cafeto breakfast
  • El Asadero steak 
  • Antojitos la Chiapaneca Mexican food
  • La Malquerida pizza 
  • El Milagrito
  • La hoja Verde
  • La Siesta 
  • La Nave Italian
  • Sale and Pepe italian
  • El Capitan Seafood
  • Barracuda

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